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by Won Im on Blank Business Name
Great Experience

So whenever I have car issues, I go to my dealer but this time my car would not start and my dealer was fully booked so I had no choice but to go to an independent dealer and found Altimate with good reviews. I was towed to the shop and Alex told me he had to diagnose what the issue was and told me it was a bad starter. Replaced a starter at a very good price and he even went up and above by checking my fluids, tire pressure and told me I was low on oil so he filled it up. They did a great job on fixing my car and I was on my way and so far so good and I will highly recommend this shop to anyone. These guys are honest and hard working people.

by Sunnel Josh on Blank Business Name

I was told by the dealer, I needed $1800.00 work on my car. I friend recommend Atlimate Auto Repair, took his advice. Alex looked over the car, told me half the repair I didn't need it. He was honest with me, I fixed the repairs I needed badly. Thanks for your honesty.

by Sarah M. on Blank Business Name
Done At Time

I've had several services performed at Altimate Auto Repair Inc. - new tires, new brake pads, oil change, and such. Every time the service is done at the estimated time or earlier, and for the estimated price

by Jessica N. on Blank Business Name
First Time

First time coming to this shop, was recommend by a friend. When I came into the shop, I was welcomed and greeted warmly. I had simple oil change done. They did 27 point check and told me everything under my car checked out ok. Lot of shops and Dealer ship will tell you, you need this and that, come to you with a laundry list. Honest shop.

by DAN DIAZ on Blank Business Name
Engine LIght

While, going to work in the morning, my engine light came on. I pulled my car to Altimate Auto Repair to see if they can help me out, i was to scared to drive with the engine light on. Cynde greeted me with worm welcoming. Cynde called Alex, if we can check my car out. Alex said no problem i'll look at it right away. He checked my car out, they found an EVAP code PO# 0442. Alex also found my gas cap was loose. He explained to me by your gas cap being loose trigged this EVAP code. He tightened the gas cap, and reset the engine light. I was surprised they didn't charge me nothing. I Thanked them, from know on i will bring my car to Altimate Auto Repair

by Jaime Davalos on Blank Business Name
Best price

Great place to bring my car for repairs, best price in town, and provide quick service.

by Tao Zhang on Blank Business Name
The Best!

Been here for all maintenance for years. The best!

by Jim Hartwig on Blank Business Name
Superior service and competence

Altimate Auto Repair has been servicing my (3) vehicles for more than a decade. My experience has been excellent. The competence, trust and integrity of this firm and of Alex himself has been fantastic.

by Adam Tul on Blank Business Name
Priority Work

Professionally run, clean shop to bring your car. As a man who does not know nothing about cars. I felt comfortable in hearing their recommendations . I could not afford to do every repair at once. They broke the the repair by priority. Highly recommend them.

by Shannon Altun on Blank Business Name
Great Warranties

Great repair shop, Alex is honest trustworthy. They take the time to evaluate the problem and fix it right. They use quality parts, all their repairs are 2 yr. warranty, with life time suspension, starter, and alternator. 7 years ago, I had my both lower ball joints replaced. The right lower ball joint had play, they fixed it under warranty. Tell me what shop does that. Thanks Altimate Auto Repair.

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